Journey into the fascinating world of one of the oldest spiritual traditions with our comprehensive course, "Basics of Hinduism" led by renowned instructor Jay Lakhani.

Have you ever wanted to explore the profound depths of Hindu philosophy? To understand the symbolic meanings behind the myriad of deities? To discover how ancient wisdom aligns with modern scientific thought?

Welcome to "Basics of Hinduism" - a free online course by Hindu Academy, designed to guide you through the intriguing maze of Hindu spirituality, culture, and philosophy.

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Key Benefits:

Understanding Hinduism:

Learn about key Hindu principles, gods and goddesses, rituals, festivals, and much more.

Expert Guidance:

Get instruction from Jay Lakhani, an established Hindu educator with years of teaching experience.

Interact and Learn:

Join our weekly live streams to get your questions answered live.

Accessible Learning:

Study at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

Course Outline:

Discover a comprehensive range of topics including:

  • Sanatan Dharma: The eternal principles of Hinduism

  • Scriptures and Social StratificationHindu Worship, Ceremonies, and Festivals

  • Living the Hindu Life

  • Philosophical Explorations in Hinduism and its Links with Modern Science

  • Matters of Life and Death

  • Social and Cultural Dimensions of Hinduism

  • Hinduism on the World Stage

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual understanding with us. Sign up today for the "Basics of Hinduism" course - completely free of charge.